Wednesday, April 17, 2013



I spoke with a guy yesterday that told me he checked out our website
He told me that he is a big consumer of bananas, he eats them all the time. But, he found himself throwing away bananas because they were either too ripe or not ripe enough. He explained that he was very picky with his bananas and hated throwing them away. That is when he mentioned that the Produce Wizard™ would be perfect for a guy like him who eats a lot of bananas and also hates throwing them away. What is the Produce Wizard™ you ask? It is a table-top device that allows you to extend the life of your produce while also killing 99% of bacteria such as E-coli and salmonella.

Tomatoes will last 30 days in a Produce Wizard™ and bananas up to 21+ days. If you don't like tomatoes and/or bananas? The Produce Wizard™ also works for Apricots, Avocados, Cantaloupes, Honeydews, Melons, Kiwis, Mangoes, Nectarines, Papayas, Peaches, Pears and Plums. Any ethylene (the gas that causes fruits and vegetables to ripen) producing fruit or vegetable. So not only will you be saving your fruits and vegetables, you will be saving your money as well. Name another appliance that saves you money and cuts down on waste!

 Here is a video to explain a little more about the Produce Wizard™.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The challenges of bringing a product to market are many and varied. The biggest challenge is usually related to money and the need for more of it. Another big challenge can be the direction a company is headed and how different visions can sometimes collide. We all know that meeting our challenges head on and completing our goals leads to a real sense of satisfaction. But what do we do when a challenge cannot be completed or a goal has no end in sight. This is where resolve comes in and we learn exactly what we are capable of as humans and professionals alike. You may have the best product in the world but without the proper plan your path to success is lined with overflowing dumpsters and you have no shoes on.

Many of us have had ideas that we thought could make us a lot of money. But where do we go with our ideas? Some people choose to act on their ideas and make an effort to share those ideas or products with the rest of the world. Some ideas may just simply lie in the mind of the beholder.

And we are not just limited to a single definition of product. Musicians have songs, artists have paintings, sculptures etc. In this age of technology and global media, "products" can become overnight successes. Look at this guy for example
Take a second to check out the Produce Wizard™ at
Save your produce, Save your money, Save the earth!!



Monday, April 1, 2013

Produce Wizard™ Florida

Produce Wizard™
Many times when we here this phrase we assume people are talking about life. But there are many other times in our lives when time runs out or you are simply out of time. For example, we might use time as an excuse. "I just didn't get it done because I ran out of time." We are constantly looking for more time, unless you are in jail or prison that is. We are told that time is on our side. Is this true? Do you think time is on our side. I guess if you look at it from a life/death situation perspective we really don't know. Is a long life better than a short one? What if you lived a long life but suffered everyday from an illness or disease? What if you were the picture of health but only lived a short life? Time is relative to what we are needing or wanting at that time. Sometimes we wish time would "hurry up". For example, you are going on vacation or bought tickets to your favorite band. Sometimes we wonder, "where has the time gone?" when you wake up and see that alarm clock going off or catch up with an old friend you haven't seen for awhile. Eddie Murphy and Rick James wanted to "Party all the time." Hootie & the Blowfish said that time was "no friend of mine." Foreigner thought that "it feels like the first time." Whatever type of time you need, time will be there. Make time for a friend or family member. I'm outta time. Thanks